Kid’s Quitting is Okay with Dad

Etc Guy Maggie soccer fridgeIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Then quit.  There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”                W. C. Fields

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She lasted 90 hours over three seasons.  Maggie was not an outlier.  Not in soccer.

In “Outliers,” author Malcolm Gladwell mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule,” which claims that the key to success is a matter of practicing a specific task for around 10,000 hours.  Consider Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky, or Mozart…former prodigies that hit 10,000 hours by their late teens.  Maggie will never become an outlier soccer player.  She quit 9,910 hours short. Continue reading

Hey Folks, It’s a Book Launch Party

Eric 6 pointing_140519Earlier this week I spoke to the Chico Authors & Publishing Society, on how a 51-year-old guy set up the Etc. Guy blog.  After discussing a bunch of technical mumbo-gumbo, we all dove into a group conversation which involved teasing and laughs, at my expense.  I had a blast.  We viewed some Google Analytic map images showing Etc. Guy’s reach.  You’ll notice the gaps in Greenland, Africa, and Norway.  What’s with those guys? If you know people in those places send them my link. You may as well relay Etc. Guy to friends in Arkansas, Iowa and Wyoming as well. Continue reading

Hockey Bag Violates Air Space

Etc guy hockey mug2(Hockey Player Magazine, May 2014)

Humans are among the smelliest creatures in the animal kingdom.  We share the “Smelly Top Five” list with the wolverine, Tasmanian devil, polecat, and skunk.  Hockey players are a unique subgroup.  Though we are extremely agile, intelligent and handsome, we suffer a critical flaw.  Like whales and birds, we have a poor sense of smell.

 “Get that bag out of the dining room,” Hun shrieked.  “It reeks worse than dried salmon!  Take it to the garage!” Continue reading

A Visit to the Hair Salon

hair style braidCategory:                        A visit to the hair stylist

Anxiety Level:                  Depends

Level of Difficulty:            Also depends

Result of Blowing It:        Really depends

My daughter, Kate, and I visited the hair stylist.  Guys visits barbers, gals go to “stylists.”  I need hair maintenance every three weeks.  My regular maintenance includes a 5-on-the-side-with-scissors-on-top.  I’m usually done in 11 minutes. Continue reading

Dad’s Promise Leads to Butt-Kicking

photo olympic snowboarderI haven’t trudged like that since my walk to the principal’s office.  My shoulders sagged and my head drooped.  The parking lot seemed a mile wide.  I called my wife, Hun.

“We’re loading up.”

“How’d Maggie do?  You sound beat.”

“Got my butt kicked, but she nailed it.” Continue reading

Daughter’s Make-up Saves Dad Before Photo-shoot

makeup stuff1No one knows the hour nor day. 


I’m not referring to prophecy, but to an odd situation everyone invariably suffers, whether you’re a high school kid on a date, an adult preparing to deliver a sales pitch, or God forbid, before a job interview.  At some point we’ve all had them.  They attack, punish, and embarrass, at the worst possible time.    


These assaults have pestered humans since caveman days. Continue reading

Quotes from Famous People – W. C. Fields

etc guy WC fieldsI’ve suffered from writer’s block this week and spent hours, and seven drafts, on a particular piece.  No dice, it’s sent back to either the drawing board or round-file.

This quote seems to fit:  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Then quit.  There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”  W. C. Fields (1880-1946)

Even Hockey Coaches Have Hearts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPublished in the Chico Enterprise-Record, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph & Hockey Player Magazine (2012)

“I thought this may interest you,” the email said.  In the subject heading was a name, Wayne Marshall, my high school hockey coach.  I expected the worst, to see an obituary. 

I was relieved when I read it, then thrilled.  Coach Marshall was an inductee into the 2012 Colorado High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.  The son-of-a-gun won top dog. Continue reading

Dad’s Old Ski Gear Causes a Stink

Etc Guy at Sugar Bowl“You stink.”

No, it wasn’t an old hockey coach griping about my lousy shot, but another person of high esteem.  My wife, Hun, pinched her nostrils while Kate sprang for the Lysol®.

“It’s bad.  The dogs howl and the cats hide when you’re around.  Birds no longer visit the feeder.  You’ve become a smelly, middle-aged man.  You need to do something, especially if you wear that tattered, reeking ski gear.  You’re killing me with your 1990s era long-johns.  I don’t want to live with a malodourous, old man.” Continue reading

Words of Wisdom – Will Durst

Selfie w Will Durst and Eric“My wife and I are trying to live within our means.  We went from a $700,000 house to a $350,000 house, and didn’t even have to move.”

Will Durst, American political satirist, b 1952

###PS Readers: I recently interviewed Durst as part of my Humor Project.  The article is in development….standby for something really cool.  Here’s a “selfie” with Will.

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