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Guy raves about his Husqvarna lawnmower
May 24, 2013
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Three of anything can be a good thing.  I own three pairs of slacks, three sets of skis, and three hockey jerseys.  The slacks decorate my closet and hang next to three dress shirts behind three ties.  My wife, Hun, insists I keep them in case we’re invited to a wedding.  Over the past 15 […]

Women are supposed to be better than men. Women are the backbone of civilization: They keep families together, nurture relationships, uphold basic standards of morality, and go to the bathroom without making noise.

From Dave Barry in “The History of the Millenium (So Far)”
Words of wisdom – Dave Barry
Post-Mother’s Day Report: Guy finds the right gift
May 15, 2013
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Whew, my kids saved me from shopping for a sarong.  Kate’s text intercepted my brain waves while I strolled through Old Navy with Maggie.  We had been there an hour.  A sales clerk laid out four sarongs: one pink, one yellow, one blue, and the other green.  The clerk gave me the pros and cons […]
Parents and Kids Yard
Child labor comes in handy
May 1, 2013
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Growing Up Chico magazine, May 2013 Kids drive parents crazy if given the upper hand.  I try to control the deck as best as possible.  Youth is no match against experience. Like many parents, I nag my kids to do their homework and clean their rooms.  My folks did that and I turned out okay.  […]