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Holidays Yard
Wife Trumps Husband at Christmas
December 23, 2013
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The human brain starts working the moment one’s born.  For guys, it stops the moment they speak to their mate.  Guys process information in the left hemisphere of the brain, or left brain.  We’re task oriented problem solvers.  I took a survey and discovered that my left brain dominates my right brain 65% to 35%, […]
Holidays Pets
No Gravy for Pets this Christmas
December 7, 2013
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I stepped in it before I said it. It was the dawn of December 26.  Sunlight peeked over the horizon, chasing away a cluster of stars that faintly twinkled in the western sky.  I yawned and switched on the coffee pot.  The aroma of Arabica beans wafted through the house.  I had the morning to […]