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The Humor Project
Hey Folks, It’s a Book Launch Party
May 24, 2014
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Earlier this week I spoke to the Chico Authors & Publishing Society, on how a 51-year-old guy set up the Etc. Guy blog.  After discussing a bunch of technical mumbo-gumbo, we all dove into a group conversation which involved teasing and laughs, at my expense.  I had a blast.  We viewed some Google Analytic map […]
Hockey Bag Violates Air Space
May 9, 2014
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(Hockey Player Magazine, May 2014) Humans are among the smelliest creatures in the animal kingdom.  We share the “Smelly Top Five” list with the wolverine, Tasmanian devil, polecat, and skunk.  Hockey players are a unique subgroup.  Though we are extremely agile, intelligent and handsome, we suffer a critical flaw.  Like whales and birds, we have […]