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The Humor Project
Political Comic, Will Durst, Returns to Chico
July 29, 2017
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We stay in touch because we want to. A few years ago I interviewed Will Durst, an award winning funny guy, as part of my Humor Project (see “Baby Boomer Will Durst is a Comedy Innovator”).  The dude cracked me up for over an hour.  I could barely gulp my coffee.  A performer, political comic […]
Parents and Kids
Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant
July 23, 2017
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My parents bought into the virtual assistant world.  Their assistant, Alexa, connects to music, games, or anything cerebral.  Alexa answers nearly any question, whether it’s the weather in Missouri or the capitol of Romania. I challenged Alexa to see how smart she is. “Alexa, what is the Etc.Guy blog?”