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Humor Writer Biff America Keeps Skiers Laughing
September 9, 2013
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“My parents practiced the rhythm method but I still can’t dance.”  – Biff America in ‘Steep, Deep and Dyslexic’- His face and hands were tanned and weathered.  Both were symptoms of someone who spends more time outside than in an office.  He wore a wool flannel shirt, a woolen cap, and well-worn jeans.  He opened […]
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Family conversation about ketchup is not about ketchup
September 6, 2013
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It’s amazing what I don’t hear when I listen.  I hadn’t thought much about our lunch topic and lamented more about the inevitable issues of dating or puberty.  I rehearsed those conversations alone in the garage.  One day they’ll call me from the bullpen for fatherly insight.