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Time on waitlist helps guy do bucket list trips with parents
August 1, 2013
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(American Whitewater Magazine, July/August 2013) Patience and waiting blend like GORP.  One who waits expects something to happen.  One who’s patient actively chooses a state of mind.  You need both when pouring ketchup, registering with the DMV, or waiting for a Grand Canyon river permit. One of those examples took nearly 18 years and I’m […]
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Bucket List Trips With Parents Were Worth It
January 31, 2013
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(Chico Enterprise-Record, September 2012) ‘Bucket list’ wasn’t in my parents’ vocabulary when I was a kid.  The buckets we used carried paint. My folks live in Colorado. We typically see each other three times a year. We often speak via phone but it’s during visits I notice their mortality. They tire easily and discuss ailments. They’ve […]