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The Dork
December 7, 2016
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(Hockey Player Magazine, December 2016) Every team has one.  Whether its baseball, basketball or badminton, there’s always that one guy who doesn’t quite enmesh locker room society.  Maybe it’s his or her lousy jokes, bad breath, or that they wear turtlenecks year round.  For me it was Marvin Smellmoore’s nose.  The average length of an […]
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Playoffs Are All That Matter
May 20, 2016
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Hockey Player Magazine, May 2016 It’s only an eight game schedule but my body thinks otherwise—the season feels like 80 games.  My legs burn with each stride while my lungs gasp for more air than a carburetor.  But we’re in the playoffs and complaining is for sissies.  Everybody’s whipped, even our rivals, and it’s time […]
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Hockey Mom Earns Frequent Flyer Miles
February 24, 2016
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Hockey Player Magazine, Feb 2016 (Note: Names below were changed.) We boarded the jet two hours late, me and 350 others.  No explanation was given other than lousy weather in Europe.  My original seat selection was along the back row aisle near the lavatory.  I’m one who plans ahead— the ten hour flight from Oakland […]
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Aging Hockey Player Can’t Eat Like He Used To
March 2, 2013
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(Hockey Player Magazine, February 2013) One hour after I made my food choice I realized it was a bad one. I’m almost 50 and fall under the old-guy category. Bobby Orr and Brad Park were my heroes. I cheered when Team USA beat the Russians in 1980. Many of my teammates weren’t yet born and […]