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Hockey Bag Violates Air Space
May 9, 2014
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(Hockey Player Magazine, May 2014) Humans are among the smelliest creatures in the animal kingdom.  We share the “Smelly Top Five” list with the wolverine, Tasmanian devil, polecat, and skunk.  Hockey players are a unique subgroup.  Though we are extremely agile, intelligent and handsome, we suffer a critical flaw.  Like whales and birds, we have […]
Parents and Kids
Daughter’s Make-up Saves Dad Before Photo-shoot
April 3, 2014
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No one knows the hour nor day.    I’m not referring to prophecy, but to an odd situation everyone invariably suffers, whether you’re a high school kid on a date, an adult preparing to deliver a sales pitch, or God forbid, before a job interview.  At some point we’ve all had them.  They attack, punish, […]